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A4 Webinar - June 28 2021

Finding Alternatives: Resources, Tools and Strategies Used by Practitioners

Monday, June 28, 2021

View Slides (pdf), Watch on YouTube

Finding alternatives to hazardous substances of concern is not a straight forward task. There is no “one stop shop” to find alternatives that can serve the function currently provided by the chemical of concern in a given application.

In this A4 webinar, we will hear directly from seasoned alternatives assessment practitioners about the variety of resources, tools and techniques that are available to search for and find potential substitution options for consideration in an alternatives assessment. We will also learn about the importance of defining the scope of alternatives to be considered – chemical replacements, process/redesign changes, alternate technologies. Although options identified require further consideration of their hazard, exposure potential, cost and performance attributes, the success of any alternatives assessment process hinges on this initial step of finding potential alternatives.

We hope that other participants from our A4 community will join the conversation and share additional insights and experience on useful resources, tools and strategies. All resources will be posted on the A4 website following the webinar.

Webinar Speakers

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