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 Advancing the science, practice, and policy of alternatives assessment and informed substitution

Upcoming A4 Webinar Series: Different Tools for Different Questions? Using Alternatives Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Life Cycle Assessment 


Occurred on: Friday, October 25, 2019


Due to lack of time to address all participant questions on the webinar, we posed outstanding questions to our panelists after the webinar. Please click view now to see questions and responses.



Alternatives assessment, risk assessment and life cycle assessment are allied fields that each aim to improve human and environmental health by understanding and addressing impacts. Despite the overlapping expertise in these approaches, each field goes about achieving its objectives with a different set of methods. The goal of the Association for the Advancement of Alternatives Assessment (A4) fall 2019 webinar is to understand what makes alternatives assessment, risk assessment and lifecycle assessment both distinct and complementary. Using an interactive panel format, we will hear from industry experts that use each of these three approaches to assist achieving their company’s chemicals management and sustainability programmatic responsibilities.

For additional information, please visit the Past Webinars page.

Green Chemistry & Chemical Stewardship Online Certificate Program

This certification program is endorsed by the Association for the Advancement of Alternatives Assessment.


Course II: Register by December 28, 2019;



Course III: Register by March 21, 2020




This 3-course program is intended to give graduates the tools to make a difference and find success by learning to design safer chemicals and industrial processes. Businesses are facing increasing market and regulatory pressures to use less toxic chemicals in their manufacturing processes and products, and are in need of professionals who can provide innovative solutions and more sustainable substitutes. 

For additional information, please the University of Washington's website directly here.