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A4 Membership

The Association for the Advancement of Alternatives Assessment (A4) is the only professional association solely dedicated to advancing the science, practice, and policy of alternatives assessment and informed substitution. A4 is an interdisciplinary community of researchers, practitioners, and others working collaboratively to accelerate the transition to the use of safer chemicals, materials, processes, and products.

Being a Member of the Association for the Advancement of Alternatives Assessment Means:

1. Getting in on the ground floor. Shape the field and a new professional association where alternatives assessment is central, not sidelined.

2. Advancing science and practice. Engage in the development and refining of methods and support tools to address critical research gaps hindering the field.

3. Connecting and collaborating. Share research, discuss best practices, exchange ideas, and build novel business and research partnerships with professionals from academia, government, industry, and non-governmental organizations.

4. Honing your skills. Access educational resources that support current and help the development of future practitioners.

5. Making change. Learn how to apply theory to solve chemicals challenges and directly inform decision-making.

Individual Membership Levels

If you have any questions about an individual membership,
please contact us at

Organizational Membership Levels

The A4 is pleased to offer multiple tiers of organizational memberships with special pricing for our NGO, government, and academic partners!

A4 Organizational Memberships are ideal for organizations:

  • With multiple A4 members or interested A4 members
  • Providing reimbursements for staff professional membership dues
  • Interested in being a visible supporter to the A4
  • Committed to providing above and beyond support to the only professional society dedicated to chemical alternatives assessment

These membership tiers offer the convenience of:

  • Single invoicing covering 2 years of benefits
  • Event discounts for the entire organization
  • Complimentary event registrations (depending on tier)
  • Special recognition on A4 media and website (depending on tier)

If you have any questions about an organizational membership,
please contact us at

  1. *Rates may be pro-rated to 1-year increments.
  2. Active members have access to the online member portal, are listed in the member directory, vote in elections, may run for office, and participate in discussion groups.
  3. Event registrants need not be active members to obtain discount.
  4. Complimentary registrations can be stacked with additional sponsorship packages.
  5. NGO's must be registered 501(c)(3) entities within the U.S. or similarly recognized tax-exempt charitable organization for non-U.S. entities.
  6. Government partners include any agencies serving at the tribal, local, state/provincial, or federal levels.
  7. Organizational membership benefits for academic partners may extend to professors, administrators, students, and post-docs.

For additional questions regarding organizational memberships please contact


If you have any questions about joining the A4, please feel free to reach out to us at