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2022 A4 Elections

The Association for the Advancement of Alternatives Assessment (A4) elections are now closed. We will be announcing the new Officers and Executive Council soon!


  • The A4 Vice-President is an important position. The elected person serves for one 2 year term before transitioning to a 2 year term as A4 President. Job duties include assisting the A4 President as needed, perform duties in the event of the President's absence, disability, refusal to act or resignation. The VP also serves as an ex officio member of the Executive Council. Nominees must have served at least 1 term on the Executive Council or at least 2 endorsements by existing council members. 


  • The A4 Secretary-Treasurer ensures the creation, retention, and accuracy of all executive council records, oversees the nominations and elections process, is responsible for the financials and reporting, and shall assume responsibilities of the VP or President in case of absence. Nominees must have served at least 1 term on the Executive Council or obtain 2 endorsements by existing council members.

Executive Council (at least 4 positions):

  • Provides technical, administrative, and/or programmatic guidance to A4 affairs, determine policies and procedures, actively carry out objectives of the A4, and serve as ambassadors for the organization. We are seeking at least 4 interested individuals to serve from a variety of backgrounds and experience. Nominees must be endorsed by at least one existing council member and seconded by at least one more.

Level of engagement is flexible. However, A4 is seeking highly engaged volunteers who can help champion internal projects and enact our strategic plan. Candidates should expect to serve in their position for at least 2 years, although consecutive terms are allowed for most positions. These are voluntary, unpaid positions. Time commitment varies on the position and level of engagement. Executive Council members should expect to have one hour-long call every quarter, provide regular feedback via Zoom calls or emails to A4 activities, and participate in at least one programmatic committee covering program, membership or fundraising (typically one 1 hour long call per month).  Officers should expect more engagement on a monthly basis compared to Executive Council members.


If you have any questions concerning elections or open positions please see contact Cathy Rudisill.