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Short Course: NURA


New Approach Methodology Use for Regulatory Application (NURA) in collaboration with the Association for the Advancement of Alternatives Assessment (A4) hosted two half day trainings to explore practical solutions for the safety assessment of cosmetics and consumer products. Lectures, discussions, and demonstrations helped attendees evaluate the advantages of new non-animal approaches and apply them to a range of consumer and occupational health needs. The first course introduced applied approaches to incorporate and customize read-across strategies for chemical assessments. The second course provided a deep dive into case-study illustrations of in vitro tools and Next Generation Risk Assessment.

All Short Course Recordings, Slides and other Materials available here

Monday, October 26, 2020  -  Times displayed in Pacific Daylight Time, UTC -7

8:00 am


Esther Haugabrooks, PCRM

8:10 am

New Insights in Read Across using New Approach Methods

Gladys Ouédraogo, L'Oréal

8:45 am

Similarity Considerations in Analog Selection for SAR-Based Read Across

Cathy Lester, Procter & Gamble Company

9:20 am



9:30 am



9:45 am

Read-Across: An Overview and Application to Cosmetic Ingredients

Terry Schultz, University of Tennessee

10:45 am



11:00 am

Roundtable: The Green Deal for NAMs in Chemistry and Toxicology

Moderator: Barry Hardy, Edelweiss Connect

Guest Panelists: 

  • Margaret Whittaker, ToxServices
  • Alexandra Maertens, Consortium for Environmental Risk Management
  • Priyanka Banerjee, Charite- University of Medicine | Freie University

12:00 pm






Friday, October 30, 2020  - Times displayed in Pacific Daylight Time, UTC -7

8:00 am


Kristie Sullivan, PCRM

8:10 am

Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) Case Study: 0.1% Coumarin in a Face Cream

Maria Baltazar, Unilever

9:10 am

NGRA Group Interactive Discussion


9:40 am



9:55 am

The GARDskin Assay for Skin Sensitization Hazard Identification and Quantitative Potency Assessments: Practical Applications and Case Studies

Andy Forreryd, SenzaGen

10:30 am

Strategies for Applying NAMs for Safer Product Development: Thinking Outside of the OECD Test Guideline Box

Hans Raabe, Institute for In Vitro Sciences

11:00 am



11:15 am

Roundtable: Capturing Lessons Learned from the Use of NAMs for Cosmetics and Consumer Products


  • Martin Paparella, Medical University Innsbruck
  • Vera Rogiers, Vrije University, Chair of the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety (SCCS)


Guest Panelists:

  • Terry Schultz, University of Tennessee
  • Jay Ansell, Personal Care Products Council
  • Kristie Sullivan, PCRM
  • Gavin Maxwell, Unilever
  • Hans Raabe, IIVS
  • Andy Forreryd, SenzaGen

12:15 pm