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A4 Webinar - October 25, 2019

A4 Webinar Series: Different Tools for Different Questions? Using Alternatives Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Life Cycle Assessment

                                  Date: Friday, October 25, 2019                                                    Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET



Please join us for the next chapter of our Quarterly A4 Webinar Series. Alternatives assessment, risk assessment and life cycle assessment are allied fields that each aim to improve human and environmental health by understanding and addressing impacts. Despite the overlapping expertise in these approaches, each field goes about achieving its objectives with a different set of methods. The goal of the Association for the Advancement of Alternatives Assessment (A4) fall 2019 webinar is to understand what makes alternatives assessment, risk assessment and lifecycle assessment both distinct and complementary. Using an interactive panel format, we will hear from industry experts that use each of these three approaches to assist achieving their company’s chemicals management and sustainability programmatic responsibilities.

Featured Panelists

Martin Wolf

Director of Sustainability and Authenticity at Seventh Generation

Annie Bevan

Global Head of Sustainability at Superior Essex

Libby Sommer

Director of Corporate Responsibility at Bolt Threads


What's the difference between risk assessment and alternatives assessment?

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